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I admired very often objects that serve as working tools in some trades, but once you remove them from their environment and expose them elsewhere turn into works of art.
Certainly, very few people want to have in the house a statue, a tailor mannequin / presentation or a large artwork. 
So to encourage the use of these large objects I created a improvement, a Living room, where I used a tailor mannequin / presentation, a commonplace object itself, when seen in a workshop, but beyond that it can be used as support clothing, it can be a stand-alone object with a very important role in decorating and transforming it from a regular room in one interesting room.

Tailoring mannequins / presentation are busts or human figures constructed entirely of plastic, metal or wood and can be purchased on the Internet, from suppliers or from trade fairs.
Tips! If you find on bargain fairs a old mannequin, as worn, buy it and do not recondition. In a bohemian house, he will easily find a place and in a mo…

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